My Ted Like Talk

My teacher told our class that we had to make a TED like talk. At first I was thinking about the rules of football, so I started researching the topic. While I was researching my topic I realized that there wasn’t enough information to present this, so I ended up choosing everything about football.

At first when I was about to present I was nervous. Very nervous. When I was presenting it wasn’t that bad and everything was fine. I ended up liking presenting because you get to teach people about some thing that they might not know. One tip that I heard from Chris Anderson is to make eye contact with the audience. If you don’t you will end up sounding like a robot and the audience could care less about what you are talking about. I thought that making and presenting my TED like talk was very fun. I think you should try it one day.


The Stock Market

In Language Arts, we read a book called The Westing Game. In The Westing Game there was this character named Turtle. Turtle invested in the stock market so we decided that we would invest as well.

When we did first start Mrs. Donnelly told us that there would be a prize for first and last place. Immediately, I was determined to get one of those prizes. In the beginning I started out with about +100 bucks. Then, somehow I went to -100 and then I was panicked because I wanted to get one of the prizes and it looked like I wasn’t going to win. On May 11th, I was about +100 and I was almost confident that I wasn’t going to get a prize. On the last week of school I had no confidence. Then, I saw one of my stocks went up $19 and I was so excited to check stocks in class. When I was in class I was up about $950 and I was sure I was going to win until I heard someone else had +2000 and I was like “How is that even possible?”. In the end, I thought the stock were very fun and maybe you should try investing as well.

My Book

The first part of my book is about The Last Cuentista. The Last Cuentista is a book about a girl names Petra and she was in this time where Haley’s comet was coming back to earth. They had to get on a ship to go to the far, far future. This book is about keeping stories going through the centuries.

Next thing in my book was my ideal world. This ideal world was very fun to make because you can come up with fun and interesting ideas and you have no limit to what can be in your world. One thing that I loved about my world is that I have chocolate waterfalls and a land where everything is edible.

Another thing that I loved was making the book where everything went. We made a ton of papers to put in our book. After we made these papers we made a background that represented my ideal world. Mrs. Peg is a very amazing person and I loved making this book with her.

La Ciudad de Durham

Me llamo Brandon. Yo vivo en Chapel Hill y tengo 12 años. Mi escuela es Durham Academy en Durham. En mi tiempo libre me gusta jugar fútbol y me gusta jugar con mi familia. Voy a hablar de las actividades en Durham. 

Primero, en la Universidad de Duke, tú puedes ver un juego de fútbol americano. Asimismo, tú puedes aprender historia y visitar los jardines de Sarah P. Duke. Además, tú puedes comer comida ¿Te gusta ver fútbol americano? ¿Te gusta aprender historia?

Segundo, en el estadio de béisbol de los toros de Durham, tú puedes comer un perro caliente y ver un juego de béisbol. También, tú puedes hablar con tus amigos y comer una hamburguesa. ¿Te gusta comer un perro caliente? ¿Te gusta el béisbol? 

Tercero, en el parque estatal Eno River, tú puedes caminar en el río. Además, tú puedes jugar en la cancha. Asimismo, tú puedes descansar y tocar la guitarra ¿Te gusta jugar en una cancha? ¿Te gusta tocar la guitarra?

Finalmente, en el museo de la vida y la ciencia, tú puedes aprender historia y ciencias. También, tú puedes explorar el museo y comprar recuerdos ¿Te gustan las ciencias? ¿Te gusta comprar recuerdos?

En Durham hay árboles, casas, tiendas, y escuelas. Asimismo, la ciudad de Durham está llena de personas y parques. En mi opinión, La ciudad de Durham es muy grande, bonita, segura y divertida.


The Heat Shield Project

(This was the end result of the project)

One thing I enjoyed doing outside of class was the heat shield project. The heat shield project was a project where you had to make a heat shield out of specific materials including lasagna, cardboard, cotton balls, and a lot of other materials. The goal of this project was to make a heat shield with the specific materials that were under 1cm thick and 40g heavy and when everyone finished building their heat shield then we would put a blow torch on one side and leave it for three minutes on 2000 degrees. Another goal of this project was to put an egg on the cold side to see if it got burnt or not. My group made a heat shield that consisted of tinfoil on the outside cotton balls on the side where the blow torch was on. Then we had lasagna on both sides covering some spackling compound. Our egg ended up not getting cooked so my group was very happy that it worked and didn’t get cooked. The heat shield project was definitely my favorite project outside of Language Arts.

Μy Ideal World

Welcome to planet TMBJ1223. My name is Brandon and I will be your tour guide for planet TMBJ1223. Before we start, I would like to tell you about the original features of TMBJ1223. First, my planet is located in a completely different solar system. The best part is that the whole planet is Carolina blue including the grass. TMBJ1223 has the same atmosphere as earth but it is ten times cleaner and every animal on TMBJ1223 is edible and is better than any food you have eaten. TMBJ1223 also has chocolate rivers. Now to the first stop.

First stop is Tar Heel Town where we will learn about the lifestyle of people. There are a lot of different things that influence lives on TMBJ1223, but the biggest thing that influences people is a law where you must own a pet. There is also a cure for being allergic to specific pets. The cars that everyone has are NFL MVP trophies and the currency on TMBJ1223 is Lombardi trophies. The only store is the Costo which sells everything you can think of but Carolina blue. TMBJ1223 only has Prime and water and also everyone can jump almost 7 feet in the air. Everyone’s house is Carolina blue along with their MVP trophy cars and Super Bowl Trophy Coins. Now to the next stop.

At this stop we are going to learn about the government and religion. First off Micheal Jordan is the president and everyone loves him, but on the other hand there is Tom Brady who is the god on TMBJ1223. Everyone believes Tom Brady is the god or else they will be executed. The government has meetings in a secret spot by the chocolate waterfalls, but no one knows they are there. There also is something like the White House on TMBJ1223 but it is Carolina blue and not in the middle of town but on its own massive hill. Now we must go to the third and final stop

For the final stop, we will learn about the most popular spot to visit on TMBJ1223. The best place to visit is Candyville where everything is edible, but the best part is that there are actual gummy bears as people who are very friendly and won’t try to harm you in any way. If you try to eat one then you will be in jail for six months. Hopefully no one is that hungry. Their houses are igloos but made out of chocolate with sprinkles on top. It is also snowing every day but it tastes like any ice cream. They also have a rotation for which flavor snow is falling. Also, there are candy cane trees with little candy canes as the branches and leaves. I hope you enjoyed learning about TMBJ1223 and all of its features.


The Museum of Natural Science.


Image from DA Teacher

I arrived at school and was excited to go to the Museum of Natural Science. On the bus ride to the museum of natural science I was very bored so I decided to count stop signs while my friends were counting traffic cones and people. When we left the bus I ended with a grand total of 25 stop signs and my friends ended with 103 people and about 500 traffic cones. I got destroyed. We stopped outside then talked about what our groups would be. I was with Mr. Robbins advisory along with mine for a group. We went to a lot of exhibits, but my favorite was definitely the one with the snakes because there was this one snake that followed your finger if you touched the glass. We also went to a RACE exhibit which I thought was very cool because it taught me all about race and how it affects people. They also had a place where you could rate the exhibit from one to five. I had an amazing time and the museum of natural science.

Window or Mirror?

A book that I enjoyed recently was Mystery in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is going to be the first book in the series which is going to be a 10 part series. The genre of this is a mystery book. The author of this book is Aaron Johnson. I think that this book is a window because the main character is traveling to a bunch of different national parks. The main character also lives in Ohio and I don’t. He also has three cousins, and I have a way lot more. I think this is a really good book and I think you should read it.


Wisdom Tales

My wisdom tales story is The Red and Blue Coat. The Red and Blue Coat is about two friends fighting. One day there was a trickster that decided that he should wear a red and blue coat to test the two friends’ friendship. The trickster walked up to the road in between the two houses. One friend saw a blue coat and the other friend saw a red coat. They started arguing to whether the coat was blue or red. Then the arguing went to fighting. Eventually the trickster came back and showed them that the coat was blue and red. The friends stopped arguing and fighting and got mad at the trickster. This story takes place in Africa (more specifically Ethiopia.) The moral of this story is that there are two sides to a conversation. That is my wisdom tale is about.